Thursday, April 17, 2008

Made the switch to sand

I made the switch to sand last night. It went very well and the tank is looking WAY better than it did with the river rocks. It only costed $8.00 for enough sand to do the whole tank. I rinsed the sand out very well and got minimal cloudiness. It went very smoothly and Squirt loves to walk on the sand. The Fluval Internal filter does not pick up any sand and the sand settles very quickly if it gets kicked up. I am very pleased with how it turned out. 


Shelly said...

Sand?? It looks really cool - will it have to be replaced periodically??
I am having a heck of a time keeping Sheldon's tank clear! The ZooMed filter I am using is a piece of crap! I have been cleaning and fully replacing water every week. He is only in a 10 gal tank and I can already see that this will be waaaay too small, waaaaay too soon!
What size tank do you have? And the filter??
BTW, I see in your profile that you enjoy fly fishing -- I have never fly fished, but LOVE fishing! I have custom wrapped rods & spend a lot of time in Mexico with husband fishing in tournaments for Dorado and Yellowtail!
Ok, enough of my long winded post!

Chris said...

Hi Shelly,
Thanks for the comment.
The sand can be washed over and over again so it doesn't have to be replaced very frequently at all. Maybe every 6 months or so.
I am guessing you are using the Turtle clean 318 filter?
My tank is a 30 Gal with a Fluval 2+ Internal Filter in it. It filters 109GPH, so that means it circulates my water through about 4.25 times every hour since it is not filled all the way. The Fluval internal filters are only about 30-40$. Great filter for the money.

That's totally cool about the fishing! If you ever get the chance to Fly-Fish, Do it! It is tons of fun.

Shelly said...

Yep - that's the filter I have!

I am looking for a larger aquarium - but dang, they can be expensive!

$30 - $40 is do-able for me! I am going to upgrade to a fluval when I find a larger tank.

Thanks for the info!

Chris said...

No problem! Ask anytime!

yeah, The Craigslist near me has a bunch of tanks for sale, but no great deals on a 75 gal or a bit larger yet. I wanna get a LARGE tank so that I will not have to upgrade.
Keep looking though! My mom got a 75 Gal on craigslist for only 50$ and it was only a few months old.